The Pulsar 360 Watch Winder


Editor's note

Elbrus Horology’s gyroscopic automatic Watch Winder the Pulsar 360 with engraved Roso Lepanto marble base. Watch Winder is designed in The Netherlands and manufactured according to the highest standards.

Where conventional watch winder only have one axis on which the watch revolves, we gave The Pulsar 360 three-axis to let it rotate freely in any direction. The hypnotizing rotations let your watch defy gravity. This does not only look highly spectacular; in this way, wrist movements are more accurately simulated, and your watch movement will be charged safer and more efficiently. 

The Pulsar 360 ensures an optimal winding setting for any timepiece thanks to the three program options:

  • Clockwise rotation for 1 minute, pause for 6 minutes, loop
  • Counterclockwise rotation for 1 minute, pause for 6 minutes, loop
  • Clockwise rotation for one minute, pause for 6 minutes, counterclockwise rotation for one minute, pause for 6 minutes, loop

The Pulsar 360 is suitable for all watch sizes and strap lengths. 

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Details & Care

Finest selected materials & in-house manufacturing: Polished high-grade aluminum rings and stainless steel counterweights


  • engraved Roso Lepanto marble base
  • 1x automatic watch winder
  • 1x mouth-blown minaral-glass dome
  • 2x size-adjustable watch clasps
  • 1x international charging plug & cable
  • 1x rubber ring, for an extra soft placement of the glass dome
  • 4x rubber pads
  • 1x user manual
  • Premium gift packaging

Please note, watches are not included and are only for illustration purposes.

Features & Benefits

  • Three touch buttons with which you can set the direction of the rotation
  • Two LED illuminate your watch from below (can be turned off). Available in white light, or multi-color light
  • 60 rotations per minute
  • Quiet operation
  • Rechargeable 10.000mAh battery that lasts for 5 days; USB-C port for charging
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime guaranteed support

About Pulsar

A pulsar is a rotating neutron star floating around in the universe, emitting beams of light from its poles. This radiation can be observed only when a beam of emission points toward us on Earth. You can compare it to a lighthouse. A pulsar is responsible for the pulsed appearance of light emission with extremely high regularity. This produces such a precise interval between pulses, that certain types of pulsars even exceed the accuracy of atomic clocks in keeping time.

Creating beams of light is exactly what The Pulsar 360 does. Whether it be the sunlight reflecting on your watch, Elbrus decided that one should also be able to witness this light show in the dark… Two LED lights shine on the revolving watch, creating a kinetic ballet of light you will never forget.

A graceful mouth-blown glass dome protects your wristwatch from dust and curious hands, as well as adding to the mystery of the gravitational show within.
This technical ‘tour de force’ meets aesthetics, providing you and your watch the best it deserves. The Pulsar 360 Watch Winder is designed in The Netherlands and manufactured according to the highest standards.

Delivery and Returns

Elbrus Horology offers worldwide complimentary free delivery for all our products. Try items in the comfort of your own home. If they’re not quite right, you’ve got 14 days to request an exchange or return and send them back to us.